The 8 Steps to Fertility


The 8 Steps to Fertility is based on the integrative medicine practice of Dr. Ann Y. Wang. Dr. Wang specializes in infertility treatments through acupuncture and oriental medicine. This fertility program was created upon 30 years of experience in treating infertility through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). If you have been searching for help you have come to the right place Use this website as a guide toward achieving a successful pregnancy. Follow this path of fertility which combines the wisdom of both the Eastern and Western worlds. Throughout this website, you will find detailed information on each step towards fertility, the herbal formulas, stories of success, additional resources and the opportunity to set up your own appointment! 


Step 1
Stop birth control contraceptives and any medications that might affect fertility. 

Monitor Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) to make sure ovulation is regular. 

Step 2
Implement a healthy lifestyle, which will be beneficial to fertility. 

Step 3
Learn the Pattern of Your Cycle. 

Check your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) chart. 
Learn when to start and stop using Progesterone if it is needed.

Step 4 
Understand Your Constitutional Pattern:

An individual’s constitutional pattern is formed at birth. Although some people are born with a balanced constitutional make-up, one’s pattern may change throughout their lifetime. This change may be due to lifestyle choices and/or environmental influences that may result in an abnormal constitutional pattern. 
        According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the definition of health is the balance. If you know your constitutional pattern you can learn how to keep it balanced which will allow you to more effectively avoid illness and maintain good health. Many health issues manifest from varying imbalanced constitutional patterns. This self-evaluation will help you identify your constitutional tendencies and enable you to take any preventative steps needed to maintain your body’s balance. 

        A download button in the right corner of this page. For each of the following categories, check the box for each symptom as it most closely applies to you. 

1-Never, 2-Seldom, 3-Sometimes, 4-Often, 5-Always 

        Total your score in each category and circle the result. If your score results in “No”, you are not at risk. If your results are either “Tendency” or “Yes”, you will want to contact a Chinese medicine practitioner and obtain information on the measures to take to restore your body back to a balanced constitution. 

Step 5 
Install a peaceful mind. 

Step 6
Preparation of quality of sperm.

Step 7
Follow the Three-Phase Approach to Fertility steps. 
(See Attachment above)

Step 8
Maintain a successful pregnancy.


Fertility Specialty Formulas:

Three-Phase Approach


Phase I: Preparation

Use for 3-6 months prior to Phase II treatment. Phase I is mainly used to deal with the underlying cause of your fertility issue.


Free Channel                                               Male Vital Care                                                  Re-Balance
Chong/Ren Care                                         Male Harmony 1                                              L Vitality
Feminine Care 1                                          Male Harmony 2                                              Fertile Tonic
Feminine Care 2                                          Female Harmony                                            Cycle Care
Vital Strength


Phase II: Cycle Regulation A

Cycle Regulation A is used for irregular menstruation or for delayed or dysfunctional ovulation with Kidney Qi and Spleen Qi deficiency. Treatment lasts for 3-6 cycles before an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle is recommended.


A1 Cycle

A2 Cycle

A3 Cycle

A4 Cycle



Phase II: Cycle Regulation B

Cycle Regulation B is used for irregular menstruation or for delayed or dysfunctional ovulation with. Treatment lasts for 3-6 cycles before an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle is recommended. 


B1 Cycle

B2 Cycle

B3 Cycle

B4 Cycle



Phase III: IUI and IVF Support A

These formulas are used for Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) support. The treatment starts 3-6 cycles before the IUI or IVF cycle. 


Cycle A or Cycle B

Yang Support formula or Yin Support formula

Maintenance 1 (no spotting) or Maintenance 2 (spotting) (until end of the first trimester)

Good Morning formula

A4 or B4 Cycle (until the end of the menstrual cycle)



Phase III: IUI and IVF Support B

Formulas for injectable Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) support. For use as a supporting treatment during injectable IUI or IVF cycles.


Happy Day (until transfer)
After Transfer formula (until pregnancy test)
Maintenance 1 (no spotting) or Maintenance 2 (spotting) (until end of the first trimester)
A4 or B4 Cycle (until the end of the menstrual cycle)
Yang Support formula or Yin Support formula (until end of first trimester or the pregnancy)



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do you mean by an "integrated approach" to fertility?

A: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the form of both herbs and acupuncture combined with Western Medicinal practices to achieve a healthy pregnancy. One can pursue an integrative course of treatment through various methods. First, they can use Western Medicine to receive a diagnosis and then treat the problem naturally with TCM. Secondly, the individual can use a combination of both Western and Eastern treatments. Finally, one can receive acupuncture and herbal treatment to prepare the body for an IUI or IVF procedure, which will increase the success rate of the IUI or IVF treatment. 


Q: Why should I use this approach?

A: According to thousands of years of successful use, countless case reports and many clinical and experimental studies, a definitive role for TCM in the treatment of infertility has been established. These results suggest that TCM must have a different way to affect the reproductive system. For instance, kidney tonic herbs with blood promoting herbs not only affect follicle development, ovulation inducement and luteal phase support but also work on the endometrial function and regulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis as well. The form of effectiveness is as we always describe: The regulation of organisms as a whole. Several studies have shown a better outcome for women who have combined the two approaches with both Western medicine and TCM instead of using either independently. Many women go through months of hormone therapy and undergo standard procedures that result in failure. In combining these two approaches a woman will be more likely to succeed in a healthy pregnancy and be more supported along the way.


Q: Is there any scientific evidence?

A: A study by Chen Yi Xin, and Qian Zu Qi in 2000 looked at the effects of an integrated approach (both Chinese and Western medicine) to endocrine/ovarian dysfunction. One group of 101 individuals received the treatment while the other, 126 individuals used a Western drug, Clomiphene Citrate. Pregnancy rates in the integrated group were much higher, at 78% than the Western group, at only 46%. In 2002, another group of researchers used a randomized control study to observe the effectiveness of ovarian dysfunctional infertility treated by integrated TCM and Western medicine. Pregnancy rates in the integrated group were 53%, 23% higher than the control group. Usually, the pregnancy rate of Chinese medicine use for ovarian dysfunctional infertility is roughly between 40-75%. This is similar for women who use Clomiphene; however, miscarriage rates are higher for the medication group. A combination of both TCM and Western medicine has proven to have significantly higher rates of pregnancy than TCM or Western medicine alone.


Q: How do acupuncture and herbal treatments help male infertility?

A: A few factors contribute to male infertility such as low sperm count, low immunity, and disorders of sperm shape and mobility. Commonly, the male receives the therapies practiced in TCM for improving fertility. Clinical research has shown that acupuncture combined with herbs will increase the success rate for fertility. This treatment will effectively improve the quality of sperm, as well as, sperm count. Even with a normal sperm test result, receiving acupuncture and using herbal remedies, will enhance a man's life force and energize the sperm for a better outcome.


Q: How will acupuncture and herbs help prevent a miscarriage?

A: There are many different causes of a miscarriage. Generally speaking, a patient who has a history of miscarriage should take preventative care when becoming pregnant. Miscarriages are mainly caused by low progesterone levels or abnormal chromosomal development. TCM can greatly aid in the prevention of miscarriages caused by low progesterone levels. Acupuncture treatments greatly increase the odds of bringing a pregnancy full-term. If a patient has a history of miscarriage with the fetus having abnormal DNA development, acupuncture treatments and herbs should be given to the man and woman at least one month before attempting to conceive, since these treatments have a great impact in improving the sperm and egg quality. The herbal formula, Tai Shan Pan Shi Ying, is a classic herbal formula used in China over thousands of years to prevent miscarriage. It is also used as a regular herbal tonic for the early stages of pregnancy.


Q: How can TCM help with reoccurring miscarriages and repeated IVF-implantation failure?

A: Recurrent miscarriage is usually defined as at least three pregnancy losses. Repeated IVF-implantation failure generally refers to at least four IFV cycles without pregnancy. There are four common causes of recurrent miscarriages, and IVF-implantation failures. TCM is used routinely to deal with these conditions. The first is poor embryo quality; in this case, TCM is used to tonify kidney essence to nourish the embryo. Immunological factors are another cause and this occurs when a woman's antibodies attack the sperm. The third cause is a luteal phase defect, a shorter than normal luteal phase and low progesterone levels interfere with a successful embryo implantation. TCM is used in this case to tonify kidney Yang Qi to support the implantation of the embryo. Another common cause is inherited thrombophilia when the blood clots more than normal. In this case, TCM is used to promote blood flow.


Q: Is herbal treatment safe and effective?

A: Chinese medicine has thousands of years of history in treating infertility with herbs and acupuncture. Clinically, it is proven to be safe and effective. That is the reason that the treatment of infertility with herbs and acupuncture is still the first option in the east. Using TCM treatment is extremely suitable for women who are seeking a natural approach or for women with repeated IUI/IVF-implantation failures. A clinical study examined the use of herbs in comparison to Clomiphene, a common fertility drug, in 150 women over a 12-month span. The results showed a 61.7% pregnancy rate in herb users and a 43.3% pregnancy rate in those women who took Clomiphene. For women who are unable to undergo the IVF procedure due to high FSH levels, they should take a special herbal formula for 1-2 months to regulate the hormones and strengthen fertility. Herbal formulas have been shown to successfully lower FSH levels in pre-menopausal and infertile women. The herbs at the Integrative Medicine Center are pharmaceutical grade, highly concentrated Chinese herbs. They are tested with state-of-the-art instruments for hygiene, water solubility, active components, and heavy metals to ensure their authenticity and quality.


Q: Should I continue herbal treatment under IUI/IVF?

A: Generally speaking, we usually do not suggest using an herbal treatment which has impacts on hormonal cycle, because some herbs could increase the growth cycle of the egg, which may interrupt the IUI or IVF schedule. But, a mood regulatory formula is used to calm the mind and body and will be beneficial to manage those procedures. We do suggest, in some cases, that if a woman has no response to the hormone simulation (due either to high FSH levels or poor health condition), that she uses certain herbal formulas which can produce better quality eggs. We also strongly recommend that using an herbal formula after the insemination or transfer to reduce abdominal swelling and improve the uterine lining to aid in conception.


Q: What suggestion may help a woman approach a healthy pregnancy?

A: To be drug-free (this includes birth control pills) at least one month before attempting to get pregnant. Couples should avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoke one month before trying to conceive. We suggest eating meat, dairy products, and other animal proteins daily to nourish the body's fertile nutrients and energy. To avoid vaginal infections, we encourage couples to maintain hygiene during intercourse and have a proper and healthy sex life. We suggest having intercourse every other day during a woman's ovulation period to increase pregnancy success rate.


Q: How can I set up an appointment to speak with Dr. Wang about my particular situation?

A: You may call the Integrative Medicine Center at (607) 275-9697 or email us at to set up an appointment for a phone




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