Here is a list of organizations that you can click on to learn more about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and the practices used by Dr. Wang.













Clinical Handbook for TCM Practitioners by Ann Wang



Dr. Wang created her own website that illustrates 8 Steps to Fertility using acupuncture and herbal supplements. 

Click on this site for more information on how fertility can be treated with acupuncture: 




Here is a list of research articles you may click on that show different ways acupuncture and herbal medicine works. All articles are the property of their respectice authors and publishers.


  • In a randomized study where acupuncture was used with 30 patients in a control group and 30 patients in an experimental group, it was concluded that patients had less pain and waited longer to ask for pain medicine after recieving a total knee arthroplasty. [Source]


  • In a review of 105 studies, it was concluded that acupuncture during the pregnancy process contributed to almost no adverse events. Only in 27.5% of studies did patients report adverse events, and the majority of these were catorgorized as pain from the needle. [Source]

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