The effectiveness of  customized herbal formulas is directly correlated with the practitioner’s ability to prescribe the correct combination based on the pattern of disharmony diagnosis. Unlike over-the-counter herbs, customized formulas are specially mixed for each individual and are often modified as the healing process progresses.




























 Onsite Herbal Dispensary Herb Quality



  • GMP Certified Product

  • Strict quality control throughout the whole production procedure with 5 key checking points at each level: raw materials, processed materials, decocted extracts, spray dried extracts, and finished products.

  • Safety inspection through use of TLC qualitative analysis, Microbiological Contamination analysis, and Heavy-Metal analysis, we evaluate raw materials, decocted extracts, and the finished products.

  • An on-line control system is implemented during the production procedure to ensure safety, efficacy, and constancy.



  • DaoDi raw materials are harvested from the manufacturer owned, GAP certified fields and authentic original places. Pao Zhi Processing is implemented on site. Replication of Classical water Decoction methods ensures consistency of results.

  • Spray dry processing methods allow for higher concentrations and reduced excipients, providing reliable effectiveness.

  • Certificates of Analysis provided for every batch include Authentication, Heavy-metal, Pesticide Residue, and Microbiological Analysis.

  • Perfect solubility in warm water compliance. 



  • Modern scientific techniques including HPLC, GC, TLC, UV/VIS, IR, ICP etc., are used to monitor and control the quality of products.

  • Fingerprint technology identifies the fingerprint/DNA code of each botanical.

  • Essential oil recover technology involves the recovery of therapeutic essential oils during the decoction process combined with the use of the Beta-Cyclodextrin procedure to maximize the number of essential oils and other fragile compounds in the final product.

  • Low-temperature vacuum concentration prevents active constituents from a substantial loss in high temperature and maintains maximum efficacy.

  • Spray drying instantly dries the extracts for better retention of active constituents, particularly for heat sensitive constituents.  This also solutes the product for better absorption in the body.



Two billion patients in over 1,000 hospitals in China have been treated with Tianjiang concentrated granule herbs over the past two decades. Practitioners from more than 30 different countries including Germany have adopted the use of Tianjiang granule herbs.


Treasure of the East Herbal Product Quality Assurance


Manufacturing Processes

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